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DUtheRAGthing Curved Blue Premium 360 Wave Brush Medium

DUtheRAGthing Curved Blue Premium 360 Wave Brush Medium

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Real 2 day results from using our Durags and our 360 Wave Brushes

  • DUtheRAGthing Curved Blue Premium 360 Wave Brush – 100% Finest Boar Bristle. No fillers or nylon.
  • Perfect Wave Brush for Curly or coarse wavers looking for that brush for to wolf or for fresh-cut starter waves. Our Medium Wave brush and Soft Wave Brush are designed to get results rapidly! 
  • Great curve palm brush with an Ergonomic grip for better feel and leverage! Perfect for your hair, beard, or waves! 
  • This is a true medium brush a lot of brushes on the market are softer medium. We recommend the soft brush if you are tender headed.
  • This is the type of brush you’re going to feel like it’s doing something for you. Bristle like the Torino Pro 350. Create great waves easily. Spend less time brushing and look great all day!
  • Replace your old brush and never look back. The Medium brush is your all-purpose Great feeling brush. Control your hair texture with us. The special curved design is perfect for maximum contact with your face and head.
  • Fits in Pocket or Bag
  • Unique & Stylish
  • Produces maximum Luster and Shine
  • Great 360 & 720 Wave Brush.
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